About AirQuiz

AirQuiz was launched in 2003 with the sole aim of producing a set of high quality examination questions at a low cost for pilots. By the time we updated the site in September 2013 to serve the new EASA syllabus we had served over 180,000 practice examinations to pilots from all around the world.

Our examinations are designed to prepare you for the real examinations, with a database that is rigorously maintained. Learn more about pricing, see a sample exam or sign up!

Why choose AirQuiz?

AirQuiz examinations are generated with 'two stage pseudorandomisation' from the database. This technique ensures that over time you will see all of our questions. (We don't know of any other quiz provider that does this.)

AirQuiz was developed and is maintained by a group that has included assessment specialists, software developers, examiners, instructors, aviation companies and associated organisations.

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