Cookies are small pieces of data that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit the members' section of the AirQuiz website. Cookies are in common use across the Internet, and there are many different tyes of cookie in use. AirQuiz uses only strictly essential cookies. (Other types of cookies such as those used for advertising are not used by AirQuiz, because our website is advert-free.)

Cookies are only stored on your computer once you have accepted their use and established an account with us. Cookies will not be stored if you only browse the public section of the website without attempting to access the members' area.

Without these strictly essential cookies, AirQuiz services cannot be provided to you.

To operate an AirQuiz account, your browser must be configured to accept cookies.

When you access the members' area, AirQuiz may save up to four cookies. Their names, and their purpose are as follows:

1. AirQuiz stores the value 'Login' when you access the members' section of the website.

2. sessionID stores an encrypted code which is used to log you in to your account securely.

3. username stores your username so that you dont need to re-enter this. (If you click 'Forget Me' this cookie is deleted.)

4. flag is only used when you need to change a temporary password.