Royal Flights and Airspace Classification

Some of the PPL books (and, in places some CAA documentation) have not caught up with this change to temporary controlled airspace established for Royal Flights.

From the link below, which was issued in October 2010: The Directorate of Airspace Policy (DAP) has conducted an internal review of temporary controlled airspace (CAS-T) for the purposes of Royal fixed-wing flights. This review took into account issues identified over a number of years by civil and military ATS providers and the present DAP process of CAS-T provision. The review concluded that the current utilisation of the Class A classification for CAS-T is overly burdensome, an inflexible use of airspace and that Class D would be a more appropriate and flexible classification for CAS

With immediate effect, CAS-T will be notified as Class D Airspace and applicable access criteria and separation standards apply. (NOTAM B1829/10 refers.)

This change is now incorporated into CAP 493, see Section 9.3.

References: (Archival & now superseded, see CAP493)

Cap 493:

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FL45, English Channel.