Examination Tips

Following these tips should help you achieve a first time pass. These smart strategies came from our subscribers. They are worth passing on!

I test myself no more than 10% of the time - the other 90% must be study (Kate)

AirQuiz is designed to support (not replace!) a program of study. Some people prepare for exams by repeating practice tests again and again. This is a dangerous tactic, as exams change! Don't spend too much time 'testing' yourself at the expense of learning the subject.

If I get one wrong, then I read around the whole area of the question that I got wrong, working on the basis that there is something fundamental that I have misunderstood. (Steve)

Your results email includes suggested areas that need further study. Go back to your course materials and study the area(s). Don't take another AirQuiz examination until you are satisfied that you have studied the areas that were weak.

If I decide I am not confident that I know the answer, I uncheck the answer box. That way I get reminded to return to that part of the syllabus. (Sophie)

It is possible to pick up marks by guessing if you are not sure. We suggest you don't guess when practicing - leave them blank. This will avoid your result being a 'false positive'.

I ration myself as to the number of practice exams I take. I use them as occasional checks of progress as I work through the books. (Carl)

Don't take the examination if you are only just passing in AirQuiz - wait until you are properly ready! Under real examination conditions, people make silly mistakes.

AirQuiz is great ;-) but it is just part of a bigger picture of study. In addition to the books I also used online resources such as the AIP and materials available from the CAA too. The result? 100% on three of the examinations so far! Thanks! (Susie)

Great tip. Give yourself time with your study materials, and read widely. In addition to your course materials, check out the CAA safety sense leaflets, and download key documents such as CAP 413 - the Radiotelephony bible. The popular training materials cover virtually all of the material examined, but don't assume that they cover all of it, all of the time!

AirQuiz has questions that are very similar to those in the examinations, but they are deliberately not identical copies of those in the real examinations. It wouldn't be ethical, or in the spirit of AirQuiz to copy the real questions. We think this is important - we want you to know your subject!

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