QNH 1000 - digit by digit or 'wun tousand'?

Well, this is a bit of a saga! CAA has changed the correct pronounciation of QNH over time, and given that all of the training materials tend to lag the legislation, this causes them to be out of sync - especially when the pronunciation then changes again!

As of the 17th August 2020, the short and currently definitive (!) answer on this is that you can say 'Wun Tousand'.

I have previously written to the CAP413 Editor to verify this, and at the time the advice was as follows:

As the Editor of CAP413, your query has been forwarded to me for a response. The short answer is that each digit should be pronounced eg WUN ZERO ZERO ZERO. The reference is CAP413 ... which says that 'When transmitting messages containing ... altimeter settings ... each digit shall be transmitted separately' The circumstances in which WUN TOUSAND should be used are outlined later ... and do not include altimeter settings.

Note, the above italicised advice is NO LONGER CURRENT, as of 17 Aug 2020. So, depending on where you look this up, you may find contradictory information. This is to be expected :)

See CAP 413 for definitive guidance on this. CAP 413 is GOOD reading material for the Radiotelephony exam in any case. For this specific issue, see Table 5 in Chapter 2, Page 7 (page 37 of the PDF) in Edition 23, released 17 Aug 2020.


CAP 413 (latest edition, Edition 23, valid from 17 August 2020) is available on the CAA website

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